Professional with multidisciplinary academic training. With a degree in project management from the Sorbonne University and a degree in applied mathematics and sociology, this academic career encouraged me in the development of a holistic and innovative approach to my professional career.

My passion for discovery and my intellectual curiosity have led me towards innovation and exploring different facets of the entrepreneurial world. I had the opportunity to participate in the creation and development of companies, where I learned to solve complex problems, collaborate with diverse teams, and navigate a constantly changing environment.

However, my creativity is not limited to the business world. I am also an artist at heart. As an amateur painter, my great aesthetic sensitivity has allowed me to explore new perspectives in my professional work.

This is how I became interested in web design in a self-taught way. I have developed solid skills in website creation, using my scientific culture and aesthetic sensitivity to design intuitive and visually appealing web interfaces. My versatile approach and my love for continuous learning have strengthened my ability to take on varied challenges and offer unique solutions to each world encountered.

My path still has surprises in store for me, I also have the chance and privilege to work within a performing arts company where I was able to give free rein to my artistic spirit, and put my skills to the benefit of the cultural world. A meeting that made me even more determined to bring my creativity, my innovative vision and my multidisciplinary skills to any project that I undertake.

I firmly believe that the diversity of my experiences allows me to bring a unique perspective and unwavering commitment to every professional opportunity. What characterizes my professional approach is my openness to the world, my empathy and my deep respect for life.

Above all, I consider my professional relationships as human and sensitive encounters. This approach allows me to understand the needs of my clients, to collaborate harmoniously with my colleagues and to create solutions that respect the fundamental values of respect and kindness towards all stakeholders involved.

I therefore continue my professional path with this human and non-linear vision of existence, in insatiable search for inspiration and novelty.


Name : Nelly Gueidan
Age : 35 years old
Nationality : French & citizen of the world
Location : France & remote
Phone : +33 6 72 43 98 44
Email : contact@gyllen.fr